How to increase instagram likes


Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing app where you can post interesting photos and get thousands of likes from your followers. However if you are posting a lot of photos but still you don’t get many likes then you need to follow the simple steps discussed below on how to get Instagram likes fast.

 Hashtags are the easiest way to categorize your photos and posts with specific keywords. Instagram uses hashtags to filter most relevant posts according to the search results so with the use of relevant hashtags on your posts you will be able to get more likes and more visibility as well.

 You should use as many hashtags as possible for each of your photos and you need to keep an eye on trending tags as well because it will gain you more visibility. You should make use of popular hashtags such as #love, #Friday, #cute, #pets & #coffee.

  • Applying filters to your pictures will get you more likes and you can use apps to edit photos as well. Filters like X-Poll or Early-bird are most popular filters you need to use.
  •  You should use various camera apps on your mobile to make photos more beautiful and sharper.
  • likes and followers. These types of photos will surely attract more visitors and get you more like. If you have three best pictures then don’t post them together rather post them one by one to get more likes.
  • If you want to share images with your friends and family, then share your best pictures.
  • Post the cute pictures of pets such as dogs or cat or kittens because animal lovers will surely like your post but you need to make sure that pet is doing something unique.
  •  You should post interesting images of food but make sure that don’t post photos of food pictures too much especially the everyday recipes.
  •  Combining multiple photos to make one single photo is a great idea to get more attention. These kinds of pictures tell a story in one frame. For example, you visit a place then combine interesting poses will make a new innovative idea and these pictures attract the users.
  •  You need to take care of time of posting and it has too much importance. For example, you share an interesting photo with beautiful colors when the whole Instagram community is sleeping then no one is going to notice your shared images and you don’t get a great response. People usually check their Instagram accounts before going to work and mostly after the work so you should keep the time factor in your mind as well.
  •  Liking and commenting on others posts is a good idea to get noticed because when you like others posts it is obvious that you will get noticed by them and people come to visit your profile and picture gallery.
  • Linking your Instagram account with your Facebook account is the great idea to get more likes and your captured photos will get an audience from Facebook as well.
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